Serverrules Server 1


  1. § Please treat all players with respect.
  2. § Don't be an idiot!
  3. § It is not allowed to use gray areas in the rules and game mechanics for one's own advantage.
  4. § Harsh insults and extremist content are prohibited. A "healthy" triggering or "pricking" is part of DayZ. Please do not create a ticket because of small things to relieve the support.
  5. § Combat log is forbidden! (5 minutes after the last contact/hit marker). This applies to both parties in a combat.
  6. § Nicknames may not be adopted by other players.
  7. § Cheating, duping, bugusing and 3 programs that alter the game are prohibited.
  8. The following 3 programs are allowed:
    1. Any program where you can add only one Crossair.
    2. reshade
    4. ATTENTION: THE Nvidia Inspector IS FORBIDDEN!!
    5. We are not responsible if Battleye bans you if you use Crossair programs or game filters!
  1. § Metagaming in DBM Chat ingame and Discord is not allowed. This includes all information such as:
    1. base positions
    2. player positions
    3. Active base raids
  2. § It is forbidden to spread allegations such as cheating or admin abuse in discord or ingame chat. (Please create the applicable ticket)
  3. § Multi accounts are not allowed! (1 account per player). Exceptions must be approved by the server team.
  4. § All unused vehicles must be parked. Unparked vehicles despawn after about 6 hours.
  5. § Stream sniping is forbidden on our servers!
  6. § Advertising for other servers is prohibited.
  7. § After a secret room has been looted, it must be left IMMEDIATELY. The room will lock itself after a certain amount of time. If you are trapped in the room, you can only get out by committing suicide. There is no support from support here.
  8. § For support of any kind, a ticket must be opened on our discord. Alternatively, the Teamspeak support can be used (
  9. § Hotkeys / macros etc are prohibited. If you use this to gain an advantage, such as "Moonwalk", you may be banned from the server!
  10. § Boosting kills with fellow players is not allowed.
  11. § Vehicle support is ONLY available with video evidence and not through your own fault.
  12. § Render bug abuse will be punished with a ban.
  13. § Teaming is allowed as long as the maximum number of parties is not exceeded.


  1. § If your base has been raided, please open a ticket on our DBM Discord. For refunds on non-compliant baseraid, videos/screenshots of the base and inventory must be available.
  2. § In and on buildings with military loot as well as the fire brigade, the police, the hospital and the prison, it is not allowed to build.
  3. § The base size is limited to 5x5x5 for free-standing bases and in the large halls/industrial halls. In the case of bases in existing vanilla buildings, it is not permitted to add on to the outside.
  4. § Sky bases are not allowed (a maximum of 3 floors may protrude in each direction from the foundation placed on the ground).
  5. § Walls, watchtowers, tents and other objects must touch the ground.
  6. § It is not allowed to close a tent entrance directly with a gate.
  7. § Asphalted and concrete roads may not be built on.
  8. § There must not be a base that has a direct view of the trader or military area, as soon as a player is killed from such a base, this base will be deleted! Camping in bases close to Trader is forbidden!
  9. § Wells may not be built over.
  10. § You may not build during an active baseraid.
  11. § It is forbidden to shoot from one base to another base.
  12. §Only 15 doors or gates may be codelocked in a base. Storage items that can be provided with a code lock are limited to 10.
  13. § Each group may have only one base.
  14. § Doors or gates must be half a wall apart and may not be stabbed into each other.


  1. § Bases may NOT be taken over!
  2. § Watchtowers may be a maximum of 5 stories high and may not be built on roofs or buildings.
  3. § A maximum of 1 item for raiding is allowed and it may also be boosted with one person (Watchtower counts as one item).
  4. § It is NOT allowed to log out of your base during the raid.
  5. § Using glitches to get into a base is forbidden.
  6. § Construction errors may be exploited. Wrongly placed walls may be dismantled. (Caution: Only elements that lead to the loot may be dismantled. Willful destruction of the base will be punished) Open roofs and floors count as construction errors.
  7. § The stepladder, roofs, floors and simple base/basebuilding + elements may NOT be used for raiding.
  8. § It is forbidden to use animations for raiding.
  9. § It is NOT allowed to crawl under a base to bug through the floors.
  10. § Each base must be raidable. Building walls in front of doors is not allowed.
  11. § It is forbidden to log out in, next to, or on a base to raid it (at least 50 meters away).
  12. § There must always be video evidence (screenshots do not count)
  13. § It is only allowed to raid with C4 on the weekend from Friday 21:00 - Sunday 21:00. Construction errors and open bases can be raided all the time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  14. § If the raid exceeds the raid time, the raid must be aborted.
  15. § During an active baseraid, no construction is allowed until 30 minutes after the last blast of a door/gate.
  16. § It is forbidden to log out of Base with items. This also includes the restart.
  17. § It is forbidden to drop or destroy the loot during a raid. This rule applies to both parties.
  18. § It is forbidden to pull down or destroy other flags.


  1. § Safe zone camping as well as spotting from the safe zone is prohibited.
  2. § It is forbidden to follow a player leaving the safe zone.
  3. § Deliberate blocking in the safe zone is prohibited.
  4. § Playing music in the safe zone is prohibited.
  5. § Stealing items is prohibited in the safe zone.
  6. § Unauthorized boarding of a vehicle in the safe zone is prohibited.
  7. § Rotating around the safe zone is prohibited.
  8. § Killing players who are within 750m of the trader is forbidden and will be punished with a ban.
  9. § Helicopter hovering over or near the safe zone is not allowed.

The DBM team reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.

A rule change becomes effective immediately.