Serverrules Server 2


  1. § Please treat all players with respect.
  2. § Don't be an idiot!
  3. § It is not permitted to use grey areas in the rulebook or game mechanics to one's own advantage.
  4. § Harsh insults and extremist content are prohibited. A "healthy" triggering or "stitching" is part of Dayz. Please do not create a ticket because of trivialities to relieve the support.
  5. § Combat log is forbidden! (5 minutes after the last contact/hit marker). Importent: This rule is for both players in the combat!
  6. § Nicknames may not be adopted by other players.
  7. § Cheating, duping, bugusing andthird party programs that alter the game are prohibited. The following third party programs are allowed:
    Any program where you can add only one Crossair.

    ATTENTION: Nvidia Inspector IS FORBIDDEN!!
    We are not responsible if Battleye bans you if you use Crossair programs or game filters!

  8. § Multi accounts are not allowed! (1 account per player). Exceptions must be approved by the server team
  9. § There is only auto support if there is video evidence of how the situation came about. (Driving errors are excluded). Screenshots are not allowed here.
  10. § All unused vehicles must be parked. Vehicles that are not parked will despwan after 12 hours.
  11. § Stream sniping is forbidden on our servers! § Advertising for other servers is prohibited.
  12. § Advertising for other servers is prohibited.
  13. § Logging out of KRONA is prohibited. Furthermore, the player is responsible for leaving Krona before the server restarts. Failure to do so will kill the player and spawn on the spawn island. This also applies within a radius of 200 metres around Krona.
  14. § After a secret room has been looted, it must be left IMMEDIATELY. The room will lock itself after a certain time. If you are trapped in the room, you can only get out by committing suicide. There is no assistance from the support team.
  15. § For support of any kind, a ticket must be opened on our discord. Alternatively, the Teamspeak support can be used (
  16. § Hotkeys / macros etc. are forbidden. Anyone who uses this to gain an advantage, such as "Moonwalk", may be banned from the server!


  1. § If your base has been raided, please open a ticket on our DBM Discord. For refunds on non-compliant baseraid, videos/screenshots of the base and inventory must be available.
  2. § In and on buildings with military loot as well as the fire brigade, the police, the hospital and the prison, it is not allowed to build.
  3. § It is forbidden to build a base that is more than 5 walls high.
  4. § A maximum of 1 wall may be built on roofs (these may also be built over with a roof).
  5. § Watchtowers may be a maximum of 5 stories high, and may not be built on roofs or buildings.
  6. § SkyBases are not allowed (a maximum of 4 floors may protrude in each direction from the foundation placed on the ground).
  7. § Walls, watchtowers, tents and other objects must touch the ground.
  8. § Tents may not look more than 50% out of the base or out of a building.
  9. § It is not allowed to close a tent entrance directly with a gate.
  10. § Asphalted and concrete roads may not be blocked.
  11. § There must not be a base that has a direct view of the trader or military areas, as soon as a player is killed from such a base, this base will be deleted! Camping in bases close to Trader is forbidden!
  12. § Concrete mixers must not be built over.
  13. § Wells may not be built over.
  14. § It is forbidden to shoot from one base to another base.


  1. § Each raider needs video proof of how he got into the base. Screenshots are not permitted (to avoid misunderstandings)!
  2. § Using glitches to get into a base is forbidden.
  3. § Dismantling a wall through another wall, roof or other solid object is prohibited.
  4. § Items may not be stacked on top of each other to gain height (max 1 item). The item must touch 50% of the map floor.
  5. § Human ladders and watchtowers are allowed, but they may not be more than 5 floors high and may not be built on roofs.
  6. § Taking over a base is allowed if you have access to all rooms.
  7. § Construction errors may be exploited. Wrongly placed walls may be dismantled.
  8. § The entrances of a base may not be built over.
  9. § The stepladder, roofs, floors and simple base/basebuilding + elements may not be used for raiding.
  10. § It is forbidden to use animations for raiding.
  11. § It is not allowed to crawl under a base and to bug through the floors.
  12. § It is allowed to crawl into a base through windows!
  13. § It is forbidden to log out in, next to, or on a base to raid it (at least 50 meters away).
  14. § It is allowed to raid with the helicopter ( DBM Server #2 ).


  1. § Safe zone camping as well as spotting from the safe zone is prohibited.
  2. § It is forbidden to follow a player leaving the safe zone.
  3. § Deliberate blocking in the safe zone is prohibited.
  4. § The megaphone may not be used in the safe zone.
  5. § Playing music is prohibited in the safe zone.
  6. § Stealing items is prohibited in the safe zone.
  7. § Unauthorized boarding of a vehicle in the safe zone is prohibited.
  8. § The placing of mines, bear traps and tripping hazards is prohibited in the safe zone and within a radius of 1000 meters measured from the edge of the safe zone. Bases within this radius are exempt. Placement is allowed within a radius of 50m around the base.
  9. § Vehicles may not be parked in the safe zone. (Parking: park the car, leave the safe zone or log out in the safe zone).

The DBM team reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.

A rule change becomes effective immediately.