• Helper GG

    Helper GG

    Do you need a ticket bot?

    Our partner Helper GG has a unique support bot with which you can even answer your tickets via a web panel.

    Over 11,000 Discords are already using Helper GG and are glowingly, bring him to your Discord and let yourself be surprised by his unique abilities.

    Our Features
    Feature packed ticketing and so much more! View your ticket

    logs from months ago on our feature-packed panel, whilst you

    do check out our detailed sub-user permission options!

    A web panel built for you.

    Our fully functional web panel is designed for

    you to easily manage and supply the ultimate

    ticket bot all from one central place.

    Completely customizable to

    your exact need and likings.
    Every Message is changeable, make the Bot

    display andy language you desire, pick what
    your bot says. You can also picl what messages

    delete. Were that customizable!

    Seamless log every ticket without limitations
    Unlimited tickets, full access, every message
    logged with zero limitations.

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