Team rules

Rules - Supporters / Moderators
  1. § Team internal information may NOT be released to ANYONE.
  2. § Always act neutrally.
  3. § Your own clan/group may not be supported.
  4. § Information obtained through the extended rights system may not be passed on to players.
  5. § The extended rights system may only be used in support cases.
  6. § Team members who are supporting are asked to go online, not invisible.
  7. § A ticket is only processed by one team member, who can of course ask for help if it is of the authorization level or of knowledge does not get any further
    (counts for TeamSpeak and Discord). If the team member who processed the ticket is offline, another team member can continue the ticket,
    that means he is now responsible for the ticket.
  8. § As soon as a team member needs support, this team member is no longer considered a team member in the context of the support case, but as a Player.
    This means that the affected team member has to create a ticket like any other player.
  9. § The entire team may also work on other DayZ projects, but this must be reported to MelvinFu or Krypton91.

The rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
A rule change will take effect immediately upon posting.
Not following a rule will be punished by the support / server management!