Changelog 01.05.2022

  • DBM Server Update

    • MSR Bullets have been made faster again!
    • Anzio Bullets have been made more accurate and faster! They also have 2.0 caliber.
    • Changed placement method Hardiggs etc. Can no longer "bug away" when placing.
    • Trader Mod: now only deducts 20% of the selling price when worn out, previously 40%! Likewise with the other states. other values are also entered!
    • Fixed donator clothes and added new content.
    • Gunwalls can be crafted again!
    • CaseSystem Changed Prop. to get a rare item.

    We have also put the loot map and the tutorials in the forum for you!

    You can see them all here: Tutorials

    Please restart your launcher and Steam so that you can install the updates without any problems!

    Your DBM team wishes you lots of fun with the new update!

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